Device FAQs


Where should I store my Dekunu device?

Store in a cool (preferable below 30°C), well ventilated area, away from moisture, sources of heat, open flames, food and liquids

How long does it take to fully charge my device?

For a full charge from empty, it should take approx. 3 hours depending on the power source and charging cable. For optimal results, it is best to use the Dekunu branded fast charging micro-USB cable that comes with your device and to charge directly at the wall or another strong power source. Power banks and USB ports on computers will take more time to charge.

How long will the battery last for?

In real world usage, the device battery can last for a full weekend of jumping, if you do more jumps, you will use more battery. The One is essentially a small computer, constantly processing jump logs and data, connecting to GPS and Wifi etc. so the battery usage in comparison to a non-smart altimeter is vast. As development progresses and more features and functionality are introduced there will be constant tweaks and improvements to extend battery life in future software updates. If you generally do not upload your jump logs in real time, you can disable the Wifi function to save battery.

Does the device charge while switched off?


How do I know if the device is charging?

If switched on, the LED on the device will slowly flash green while charging, once it has reached capacity, the LED will remain a steady blue while connected to a power source. For earlier hardware models, there is no visible indication that the device is charging while switched off but devices with the newest v11.3 hardware will indicate charging with a continuous LED flash.

I am buying/selling a Dekunu One, how do I register the device into a new users name?

First, a Dekunu Cloud profile will need to be created for the new user - if not already done so, sign up here

Once the profile has been created, simply follow these instructions to switch users

Can I restore my device back to factory settings?

There is currently no 'restore to factory settings' button, this is coming soon though. If you are selling your device it is not essential to remove your profile from the device, the new user can simply create a Cloud profile and log into it, however if you would prefer to delete everything the support team can walk you through it, shoot an email to for guidance

Device Activation & Login

What is my 'User I.D and Auth Code?'

On receiving your device and beginning the activation process you will be required to enter your User ID and Device Auth Code, both of which can be found in your Dekunu Cloud profile. The first time you log into the Cloud a pop-up box will appear with this information, if you miss it here's where to find the information:

Click on your name in the top right corner, then select Profile & Settings, your Dekunu User ID is located at the top of the page

Select 'Security' from the tabs on the left hand side of the screen, your Device Auth Code is located at the top of the page

If you have not logged into the Dekunu Cloud before, follow these instructions to create a profile


Does the One automatically select the dropzone based on your location? 

We decided to not make Dropzone selections fully automatic because of inhopps and some operations that share the same runway and/or facilities. If you have a Wifi and GPS connection, the One will automatically let you know if your current location is far away from your current selected DZ, you will be given the option to change to a closer DZ based on your current GPS location. If you tend to visit the same DZs, it is a good idea to add them to your Regular Dropzones list in the Dekunu Cloud, that way you can switch between them quickly on your device without the need to connect to Wifi first

If I go to a new DZ and forget to select it on my device, how will it show up in a log?

Your jump logs will always sync to the Cloud with the Dropzone you have selected on your device, if this is incorrect it is very easy to change, you can modify the DZ for a single action or if you have more than one you can do a bulk update once they have all uploaded to your profile. 

If I don't have a Wifi connection can I still change my current Dropzone on the device?

Yes, however the list once refreshed will only show what is already saved to the device, so it is best to save any DZs that you regularly visit to your 'Regular Dropzones' list in the Cloud, connect the device to Wifi and refresh the DZ list so that it pulls your preferences from the Cloud Portal. If you do this just one time, you will be able to switch between all of those Dropzones  on the go. 

Does the device adjust your ground altitude automatically for each different DZ?

The device refreshes your ground altitude every 40-60 seconds unless it is in an Action Mode (plane, freefall, canopy) - if the designated Landing Area altitude differs from the take-off location an Altitude Offset must be applied, see here for instructions

Wifi & GPS

Will the device offer the same features as other GPS mapping devices on the market?

Yes, the device will track a huge amount of data including all that other GPS mapping devices track plus heaps more

How is data synced?

Data is synced to the Cloud via Wifi, this will automatically happen when the device has a connection

Can you connect the Dekunu to a mobile hotspot and sync up using the data connection on your phone?

Yes, you can. Simply follow the instructions in Connecting to Wifi and select your personal hotspot as the network. Please note, as a general rule mobile phone hotspots are not known for being the strongest connections. If the syncing of your device is running slow or staling, this is most likely the cause

Does the device have captive portal (with password entry) capabilities?

Not at this stage but it may be implemented in one of the future updates.

How many concurrent satellite connects will the device attach to?

The integrated GPS feature allows the device, depending on the time of day, local obstructions, interference and location in the world, to connect to anywhere from 5 to 15 satellites.


Does the One have direction arrows and distance to DZ shown on both wingsuit and canopy flight screens?

Wingsuit Mode displays your altitude, directional heading, glide ratio and ground speed

There are two Canopy Mode options to choose from, the One is defaulted to Basic which displays your altitude, directional heading and ground speed, you can toggle on the Canopy Mode Radar in Dekunu Labs in the Profile & Settings section of the Cloud to view your direction and distance to the Landing Area as well as your altitude, directional heading and ground speed

Does the One have audible alarms?

Not currently, however, software updates will be sent to users with new features as they are developed

Can I change the language on the One?

At the moment the One is only available in English. There will be firmware updates with more languages implemented at some point in the future

If I am jumping in a group with other Dekunu users, can we connect our devices prior to jumping in order to log who is in the group?

You can add other Dekunu users as friends in The Loop and create Playlists, overlay your jumps in the 3D Viz and compare data together, there is currently no way to 'log' that you jumped together but this will potentially be implemented in future software update, once this feature is implemented there will not be a need for any user input, the device will differentiate by exit time and proximity during freefall

Does the One include games?

Games are in development, they will be included in a software update in the future

Software & Capabilities

Will there be a service fee for updates etc.?

No, there will be no extra fees or hidden costs

How/when do I update my device?

Your device will notify you when it is connected to Wifi and there is a new update available. Follow these instructions to update your device. If you have any issues with the OTA (over-the-air) auto update, send an email to for advice

Will the device be compatible with Android and/or iOS?

The web portal is optimised for mobile platforms. There are currently no plans for the development of iOS and Android apps but this could change in the future.

Are you using a custom OS or is this built on top of something like AOSP?

We are using our own custom OS

Will I be able to migrate data from Jumplog/Paralog etc.?

At some stage yes, the Dekunu Cloud has an open API which will enable developers to migrate existing data from other sources into the cloud associated with your Dekunu account. There is constant work underway as the Cloud is built from scratch, once the API is made available an email will be sent to all Dekunu users

Does the device interfere in any way with US FAA regulations regarding interference?

No it doesn't, any interfering signals are disabled throughout flight

Do I need to have a Dekunu profile?

Yes. Your device will not activate without a profile. See how to Set up your Cloud Profile

Mounts & Hardware

How do I know what size wrist mount to buy?

Please note, the wrist mounts are a smaller fit than other leading altimeter suppliers. If you are unsure of your size, contact us or if you know someone who owns a device ask to try on their wrist mount to measure. 

The inside circumference of the wrist band when it is slack is:

      Small – 14 cm

      Medium – 16 cm

      Large – 18 cm

      XL – 20 cm

      2XL – 22 cm

A slight to medium stretch will enlarge the circumferences by about 2cm. A stretch of no more than 2-3cm is recommended for a comfortable fit.

Is there a Wingsuit mount available for the device?

Yes, a Dekunu Wingsuit Mudflap mount is available for purchase  here. You can also download this guide How to Attach the Dekunu Wingsuit Mount 

What IP certification does the One have for water resistance/water proofing?

The One is not waterproof and should not be introduced to moisture, if you get liquid inside of the device it is crucial to strip it down ASAP, not doing so could fry the circuit board rendering it no-flight-worthy. Open the device case, remove the battery first, remove the SD card and disconnect the LCD then let the PCB air out for as long as possible before reassembling the unit, email for advice

Testing & Development

How many test jumps have you done?

Throughout the initial prototyping phase there were over 6000 test jumps logged, each firmware update is put through a rigorous beta testing program to ensure its stability before being rolled out publicly

Has the device been tested for HALO jumps?

Yes, the device has been successfully tested for HALO jumps.

I would like to offer some suggestions on new features or improvements, how do I go about that?

Fantastic!  We welcome any and all feature suggestions, please head over to the Dekunu Community page for more information on how you can have your say and to discuss topics with other Dekunu users.

You can suggest new features in the Feature Request category.