Automatic Action Modes (Device UI)

Plane Mode

Skydiving Jump Mode

Wingsuiting Jump Mode

Canopy Mode

Plane Mode

Plane Mode is automatically activated around 200ft after taking-off

The intuitive in-flight dashboard shows your altitude, rate of ascent, direction of flight, direction of take-off, ground speed, distance to the DZ, flight time and time to height. Flick through the pages in Plane Mode by tapping the arrow in the altitude bar

Page 2 shows these statistics in an easy to read format 

Page 3 shows statistics from your previous jump

Page 4 will show you your current selected jump type, discipline, equipment and your preferred units of measurement, you can change all of these during the climb to height, for more info click here

Jump Mode 

Jump mode is automatically activated after you leave the aircraft

The screen will show only your altitude - the colours will change at different intervals ending on Red at 3000ft

Full Display Format

Summary Display Format


Jump Mode (wingsuit)

Wingsuit jump mode is automatically activated after exiting the aircraft

The screen will show your altitude, heading, glide distance and ground speed

Canopy Mode

Canopy mode is automatically activated after deployment

There are two options for this screen which can be toggled on/off in Profile & Settings > Dekunu Labs in your Dekunu Cloud profile.

Option 1. Basic Canopy Mode (canopy mode radar off)

The screen will show your altitude, heading and ground speed

Option 2. Advanced Canopy Mode (canopy mode radar on)

The screen will show the direction and distance to your designated landing area as well as your altitude, heading and ground speed

Just Landed

Shortly after touching down, Just Landed will appear on your device

This screen will show your distance to the target and from here you can review your jump information or find your way back to the DZ by tapping 'Help I'm lost'*

* 'Help I'm Lost!' and 'Find DZ' feature is currently under development

View device action modes in the video below:

Dekunu One | See More from Dekunu Technologies on Vimeo.