Your device requires a Wifi connection to synchronise logs and to communicate with the Dekunu Cloud

To be able to scan for networks before activating or logging into the device, connect the USB charging cable to the device and a power source 


To connect to your local Wifi access point, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Menu > System > Network 

  • Tap Scan, your device should pick up any nearby Wifi networks
  • Select the network you want to connect to and enter the password then tap OK

  • Once connected the status at the bottom will state 'connected' and the screen will look like this


If you don't use the DZ wifi or just want to save some extra power during the jumping day you can disable the wifi function

  • To disable, tap Disable Wifi

  • Once disabled the network settings screen will look like this, tap Re-enable wifi to reactivate

If you have any issues connecting to Wifi please refer to the troubleshooting page