Post-Jump Troubleshooting

Device Frozen

Action/Log Syncing


Device Frozen Troubleshooting

If your device is frozen please send an email to - give as much information as possible, the following will be useful in diagnosing the issue -

  • What were you doing when the device froze? (e.g. navigating through the logbook)
  • What is currently displayed on the device screen?
  • What happens if you touch the screen?
  • What happens if you press and hold down the power button?
  • What happens if you press the reset button? (please be careful pressing this, do not press too hard or too many times, once is enough)

Leave the device disconnected from the charger until the battery depletes while you wait for a response. 

One of our friendly tech support nerds will get back to you as soon as possible - please be aware, our tech team are based in Australia so a response may take some time depending on where you are in the world

Action Syncing Troubleshooting

Logs not syncing to the Cloud

Each log can take up to 60 seconds to sync to the Cloud (but usually quicker than this depending on your wifi connection)

It is recommended to sync as often as possible to prevent a huge backlog on your device

This screen will show the WiFi status, number of logs left to sync, how many attempts have been made to sync the current log and a progress bar of any logs attempting to sync. You can also see the time remaining until the sync is complete at the bottom of the screen

  • If you have good Wifi network connectivity and none of the logs have attempted to sync please connect the device to a power source and wait for 10-15 minutes
  • If the logs have still not synced go to Menu > System > Switch User and re-log into the device - see Logging into Your Device for instructions. Once this is complete, connect to wifi and wait a few for the actions to begin to sync.

If you are still experiencing issues, contact

Log appears to be syncing in continuous loop 0%

First check you have the latest firmware installed on your device, if not, update it.

Shoot an email to

Error Message - Failed to prepare jumplog

This generally means you have a corrupt log on the internal SD card which is making the device act strangely

You may experience sporadic rebooting or error messages like the one below 

If you see this message please follow email

Post-Jump Data/Stats Troubleshooting

The data in my jump review seems wrong

Device Log Book

If you notice any inaccuracies, please email with specific information on what is incorrect and what you believe the stats should be

Dekunu Cloud

The Dekunu Cloud is in beta and still under development, if you have discrepancies in your Cloud data you can Mark Jumps for Review. Again it would be helpful to know what the differences are between your device and the Cloud and what you think the data should be.