My jump data seems incorrect

The Dekunu Cloud is still very much in it's infancy, the entire platform is being built from the ground up and a lot of the algorithms your data is processed through before being displayed on your profile are in beta. We realise it can be frustrating for users to have inaccuracies in their logs but we figured the best and quickest way for us to develop, improve and refine our algorithms is by using feedback directly from device users.

It is important to note here that the data collected by your device is 100% accurate, if there are inaccuracies in the action details once synced to the Cloud this is the result of post-jump processing, the raw data is not affected. This means once we have fully completed work on the algorithms your logs can be reprocessed :)

If you notice any duplicates or data inaccuracies within your jump logs, you can flag them to the developers for review -

  • Click 'View' next to the log 

  • In the top right hand corner click the 'Mark for Review' button 

  • Enter any notes (if you have multiple logs with the same issue, note it here, no need to flag each one), add as much info as possible, even the smallest detail could be useful to the development team    

This will then be emailed directly to the tech team who are working on improving the platform, they will review the data and if possible to do so right away, correct any inaccuracies for you. Otherwise, your feedback will be used to develop and improve the platform in future updates.