Customise Settings

Changing LED Colour

There are two possible ways of changing the device LED colour -

To change on your device:

  • Go to Menu > System > LED Light
  • The three sliders represent Red/Green/Blue

  • Drag the sliders across to the left and right to set your desired LED colour
  • Tap 'Save'
  • Instructions for changing the LED colour in the Dekunu Cloud

    Changing Units of Measurement

    You can set your preferred units of measurement either on your device or in your Dekunu Cloud profile.

    To change the unit format of wind/ground speed, height, distance or temperature on your device go to:

  • Menu > System > Units
  • Highlight your preferences and tap SAVE (see picture below)
  • Instructions for changing units of measurement in the Dekunu Cloud

    Changing Date & Time Settings

    The date and time on your device are referenced from your current dropzone settings.

    You can change the format by going to: 

  • Menu > System > Date & Time
  • Select your preferred format and tap Save
  • If the incorrect time and/or date is showing after selecting your preferred DZ try connecting to wifi and obtaining a GPS connection, otherwise try Troubleshooting

    Changing the Freefall Display

    There are two formats for the altitude in freefall, Full or Summary.

    You can adjust the format by going to:

  • Menu > Jump Config > FF Display
  • Select a format
  • Full will look like this -

    and Summary will look like this -