Device Settings

LED Colour

Units of Measurement

Action Preferences

Changing your LED Colour

Reasons to change your LED colour

  • So you can tell which One is yours without seeing the display
  • So you can tell when your One is switched on
  • So you have matching gear, we all know how important this is!
  • Jill changes her device LED colour, be like Jill..... 
  • How to change your LED colour

  • In the Profile tab scroll down to 'Device LED colour'
  • Click on the colour to open up the chart (see picture) 

  • Select your preferred colour then click the 'Save Profile' button
  • You can check that the changes have been successful by turning your device on and checking the LED colour (if the changes do not take effect, try re-logging into your device)

    Note - if your device is charging the LED will slowly flash green then a solid blue until you disconnect from a power source

    Changing your Units of Measurement

    You can change the format of measurements for time/date, distances, speeds, altitudes and temperatures in the Cloud Portal as well as on your device.

    To change in the Cloud
    • Select 'Units' from the left hand tabs

  • Use the drop down menus to make your selections
  • Click 'Save Units'
  • To change the units of measurement on your device follow these instructions

    Action Preferences

    In the 'Action Preferences' tab you can assign device settings for the following -

    Action Type (Jump Type) 


    Freefall Display

    this will change the display of the altitude when in freefall


  • Full will display as 7200
  • Summary will display as 7.2
  • Check out how this will look on your device here

    Once you have made your selections, click Save Profile and your preferences will be synced to your device the next time you power it on and connect to wifi

    If your selections are not transferred to your device, try re-logging into it by switching users and entering your credentials again to force sync