Device Hardware Troubleshooting

Power Button



Power Button

My power button is broken/breaking

If the protective rubber button is damaged it can easily be replaced, it is important to note that should you insert a foreign object inside the device case in an attempt to power it on, any warranty will be voided and you could cause irreparable damage to the internal components. Please avoid doing this.

A replacement parts pack can be purchased from our online store which includes a rubber button, micro SD card and USB cable, use this link to add the pack to your cart for checkout.

The protective rubber button may be sent to you already attached to the front part of the device case so you can just switch them over. If you receive the rubber button only, this is because stock has run out, all you need to do is glue the rubber part to the original case using superglue (check to make sure it is suitable for plastics)

Video Tutorial Replacing the Power Button

Password: PowerAid

The micro button that is attached to the PCB and that the rubber part protects is a lot harder to fix. If a foreign object is inserted in an attempt to press the button excessively or with force there is a possibility that this will break. If this happens your device would need to be sent to our offshore manufacturing team for assessment and if possible repair. As our manufacturing team are based in Ukraine, the turnaround time for such repairs could be anywhere up to 6-8 months to complete. Please email for advice.

LCD Troubleshooting

If the problem you are experiencing persists contact us by emailing

My Device Screen/LCD is cracked

Email so that we can arrange an RMA to have your device returned and repaired at one of our maintenance stations.

My touch screen isn't working

This could be caused by a false positive input on the LCD, usually this would be due to the casing of the device resting on the screen, try these steps to resolve:

When you try this, don't put too much pressure on the screen by pressing down, it should shift slightly without pressing too hard. If you press too hard, the LCD could suffer damage.

  1. While the device is powered OFF - holding the device in the palms of your hands with the LED near your fingertips, use both thumbs to apply gentle pressure on the LCD
  2. While maintaining the gentle pressure push/slide the LCD towards the LED and slightly right towards the bottom of the device case (see pic below)
  3. Power on the device and test the LCD inputs


If you find you are still having issues with your touch screen, follow these Screen Calibration instructions.

I cannot access the menu to calibrate my screen

  • Enter USB mode on the device by holding down the power button and gently pressing the reset button, wait until you see green text on the screen before releasing the power button
  • Connect the device to a computer using the USB cable
  • Open the folders 'system' then 'config'
  • Locate and delete the file labelled screen0_calibration.bin
  • Safely eject the device

Your device will reboot to a blue screen, follow the calibration steps here

Battery Troubleshooting

My device is not charging, can I get a battery replacement?

First try troubleshooting - If your device still will not charge, send an email to with as much info as possible