Change Settings in Plane Mode

While in Plane Mode you can make some changes to your configuration selections, perfect for those times when the clouds are rolling in and the plan changes...

Tap on the arrow in the altitude bar on the main Plane Mode menu to access the next page then tap the right arrow until you come to the Config page

Plane Mode Home Screen

Config Screen

Tap on the option you would like to change





To be able to select your gear you must have pre-saved this info in your Dekunu Cloud account. See Equipment Groups for more info.

Tap the arrows to select your gear, then simply back out of that screen to save your selection  

Action Type / Discipline

Select either Skydiving or Wingsuiting then scroll through the options below to set your discipline, once you have selected your preferences, tap the back button to exit

Units of Measurement

Select the units and tap the back button to exit

Useful Links

Pre-setting Jump Type & Discipline in the Cloud

Pre-setting Jump Type & Discipline on your Device

Automatic Action Modes