Selecting a Dropzone & Landing Area

When you turn on the device at a new location and have GPS and wifi connectivity, a message should pop-up advising that your current dropzone is not nearby and you will be asked if you would like to change - simply tap yes and select your dropzone from the list that appears

If the message does not appear, you accidentally tap no or have not previously selected a DZ on your device, follow these instructions:

Note: If you have not added the dropzone you would like to select to your Regular Dropzone list in the Dekunu Cloud, you will need to connect to wifi and GPS before following these instructions

Selecting a Dropzone
  • Tap Menu > Jump Config > Dropzone 
  • Your current settings will appear

If you do not have a DZ selected you will see this

  • Stay connected to wifi and GPS while your device requests the information from the Dekunu server

If you already have a DZ selected

  • Tap 'Change' at the bottom of the screen

A list will appear consisting of any dropzones nearby and that you have added to your Regular Dropzone list in your Dekunu Cloud profile settings

  • Use the arrow keys to scroll down and then tap on a DZ to select from the list then tap on the green tick (if tick is grey that means you have already selected the highlighted DZ)

note: if your current dropzone does not appear, ensure you are connected to wifi and GPS and tap the refresh button in the top right corner

  • If you have selected a new DZ you will automatically be redirected to the Landing Area page
  • Tap 'Change' to refresh the landing areas for that DZ 

  • Select your desired landing area from the list

  • Tap back arrow to go back to the Settings / Home page
Your selected dropzone and landing area will now appear on the home screen of your device

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