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Use this link to go to the Dekunu Cloud Portal

  • Click your name in the top right hand corner.
  • Select 'Profile & Settings'  
  • From here you can edit your personal details and add device preferences

    Profile Details

    The first tab in Profile & Settings contains all of your personal information

    You will notice that your Dekunu User ID is displayed next to this tab - this number is used for any communications with Dekunu Customer/Tech Support and to log into your device - see Activating your Device for more details

    On this page you are able to update the following:

  • Your personal details
  • Your nickname (which will be displayed on your device)
  • Your contact info
  • Your home dropzone
  • Your skydiving license and federation
  • Your device LED colour (this can also be changed on the device
  • Your bio and Instagram handle
  • Once your details are updated, click 'Save Profile' at the bottom of the page

    Profile Photo

    You can add a profile pic to your Cloud account, this image will also be displayed on the home screen of your device.

  • To add a photo click 'Profile Photo' then 'Change Profile Image' 
  • Click 'Choose File' to upload a photo from your computer
  • Select your best 'Blue Steel' head-shot and then click 'Open' to upload it to your Cloud profile
  • Once the image is uploaded you can crop it by dragging the edges of the blue cropping frame and rotate it by using the buttons (pictured) 
  • When you are happy with your upload, click 'Save'
  • Your photo will now be applied to your Cloud profile and will also show on the home screen of your device

    Emergency Details

    Your blood type and allergy information can be entered into your Cloud profile, these details can be used by paramedics or medical professionals in the case of an accident. It is recommended to keep this information current and accurate.

  • Open the 'Emergency Details' tab
  • Enter your blood type, note any allergies then click 'Save Profile'
  • Emergency Contacts

    All of your emergency information is stored both in your Cloud profile and once synced, on your device

    Add Emergency Contacts
  • Select the 'Emergency Contacts' tab in Profile & Settings
  • Click the + icon to enter a new contact 
  • Enter all relevant information in each box then click 'Save' 
  • Remove/Edit Emergency Contacts
  • To delete an emergency contact from your list, click the X to the right of the contact you would like to remove 
  • To edit the details of an emergency contact, click the 'edit' icon to the right of the contact 
  • Password

  • Select 'Security' - the last tab on the left hand side of the page
  • Type your new password in both boxes 
  • Click 'Update Password' to save your changes