Activating Your Device

To activate your One, you first need to create a Dekunu Cloud profile, follow these instructions

  1. Power the device on by long pressing the power button located on the top next to the USB port
  2. Connect the micro USB cable to the device and a power source
  3. Tap Wifi Settings then scan for networks
  4. Select your network from the list and enter the password
  5. Once successfully connected to wifi you will automatically be taken to the log-in page
  6. Enter your User ID and Device Auth Code then tap GO (both can be found in your Dekunu Cloud Profile)
  7. Keep the device connected to power while it activates and checks for any firmware updates

Below is a copy of the Quickstart Guide (also included in the product box) with activation instructions

HOT TIP: Connect the USB cable to the device and power before attempting to scan for wifi


For help with activation or locating your User I.D. and auth code see Troubleshooting

If you experience any difficulties, please send an email with as much information as possible to