Activation/User ID Troubleshooting


Switching Users

Activation Troubleshooting

I don't know my user ID and/or password

User ID

Your user ID is the number assigned to you when you created your Dekunu Cloud profile

It is located at the top of the 'Contact Details' page which appears after you log in

If you have not already done so, follow this link to create your Dekunu Cloud profile.

Authentication Code

Each user has a unique authentication code.

Your device authentication code can be found in the privacy & security tab of your Dekunu Cloud profile settings

I am receiving an error message when trying to activate

Please write down the details of the error message and email to providing as much info as possible including your user ID

Switching User Troubleshooting

I have purchased a device second hand and the previous owner is still logged in on

The registered user will show on the home screen (see pic.)

If you do not already have one, a profile will need to be set up for you in the Dekunu Cloud Portal so that you can re-register the device in your name. Follow this link, enter your details and click 'Run It'.

Once set up, you can change the user on the device by following these instructions

I am receiving an error message when I try to switch users

First check that the firmware on your device is up to date, if it is not, connect to wifi and update the firmware. If the error message reappears, send an email with as much detail as possible to