Viewing your Actions (jump logs)

  • How to view an Action
  • Action Details
  • 2D Map
  • 3D Map
  • Jump Stats
  • Canopy Stats
  • Landing Stats
  • Plane Stats
  • Plane Path
  • Useful Links
  • How to view an Action

    1. Login to your Cloud profile
    2. Select Actions > My Actions from the menu at the top of the screen. You can filter the list of actions by Discipline or Location (pictured below). Click 'View' next to a log to view data from each jump
    3. You will now see your jump, canopy and landing statistics as well as plane and Dropzone details*

    4. Check the box at the top of the My Actions page to add your friends' recent activity to your list of actions, you can view each of your friends' actions the same way as viewing your own 

    5. Select the Action Discipline or Dropzone dropdown options to filter your actions by the type of jump or location

    Action Details

    At the top of the page, you will see the basic details of your action including DZ information, landing area, date and time and weather conditions. You can export your action to different formats and customise it using the dropdown options 

    2D Map

    The map overview will indicate jump run in red, freefall in blue and canopy path in yellow

    The graph underneath this map is interactive, you can hover your mouse over the graph to show where you are on the map and vice versa, for more info see Maps & Graphs

    3D Map

    You can access the 3D map version of your action by clicking 3D Viz (just above the 2D map). Click here for more info on the 3D Viz 

    Jump Stats

    Here you will see your exit altitude, distances and amount of time spent in freefall 

    Canopy Stats

    Here you will see the time and height you deployed at, how long you spent under canopy and horizontal distance

    Landing Stats

    Here you will see the time you landed your canopy, how far you were from your designated landing area and the direction of landing

    Plane Stats

    Here you will find takeoff heading and time, how long you spent in the plane, run in direction and your exit time and speed

    Plane Path Map

    Here is where you can see the path the plane took and how creative your pilot has been

    *Some statistics may appear inaccurate, the Dekunu Cloud is still in beta and developers are refining algorithms that data is processed through. You can report any inaccuracies by using the 'Mark for Review' option within the Action Detail - see links below

    Useful Links - Troubleshooting

    Report an error in jump logs

    Wrong DZ/landing area logged