Error Troubleshooting

Hardware Errors

Jump Log Errors

Hardware Errors

Error: SD Fail

If the device detects a hardware issue you will see an error message displaying the text SAFETY OVERRIDE - CRITICAL ERROR

This is a safety feature of the Dekunu One, when activated the One will disable all non-essential features and functionality, displaying only the altitude

The image below shows what an SD failure looks like:

The good news is that the fix is simple and can be done yourself without the need to send your device in. All you will need is a 4gb or higher Micro SD card that is least Class 10. I have dropped a link to a video below showing how to replace the SD card

Replacing the SD card

Password - KnowMore

Note: when you reassemble the device back into the case, be sure to align the screen properly before snapping the case closed. If the LCD is not centred correctly the case could rest on it creating a false positive input which will affect calibration and the touchscreen effectiveness. If you run into any issues related to the touch inputs please see the LCD Troubleshooting for advice.

Once the SD is replaced and your device is powered on you will see a blue screen with white crosshairs, gently tap in the centre of the crosshairs each time they appear to calibrate the screen (it is best to use something thin to do this as the calibration process is very sensitive), you will then see a couple of messages informing you that there are no config files on the SD, this is normal, tap OK then connect to wifi and log into the device using your user ID and auth code, both of which can be found in the Cloud under Profile & Settings.

If you encounter any difficulties please send an email to 

Jump Log Errors

Error: Failed to Prepare data for uploading, please check for errors and  free space on the SD

This error usually relates to either a corrupt or broken action file or an action file that has been incorrectly stored.

To correct this it is fairly easy and should not require any extra support, please follow these steps -

  • Enter USB mode on your device (menu > system > USB mode > Activate)
  • Connect your device to a computer and open the drive when it appears in your removable disks
  • Open the folder labelled 'jumpLogs'

The culprit file is usually located in either the summaries folder or the synced folder, first we will search for any files that have been stored in the wrong location

  • Open the folder labelled 'synced' - all files in this location should be in .csv format
  • Scroll down all the way to the bottom and look for any .json files or any files that do not look the same as the others
  • If you find a .json file this is the cause of the error (example below), move it to the 'summaries' folder then safely eject your device

  • If you find any other files that have a weird format file name or file type, first try to copy the file to your desktop then delete it from your device and safely eject
  • If you do not find any files that should not be there, repeat your search in the 'summaries' folder (all files should have .json format and filenames should be very similar*)
  • If you do not find anything out of place in the 'summaries' folder, open the 'Live' folder and delete any files you find, any files saved here are incomplete and will not be usable
  • The last remaining folder is 'complete', it would be very rare to find any wrongly stored or corrupt files here 

*In the 'summaries' folder, any files that begin with s_ have already been synced to the Dekunu Cloud portal, any files that do not have this prefix are waiting to be synced

If you try the above and do not find the culprit, please copy your entire jumpLogs folder to your computer desktop, compress the folder and email it to (or upload to Cloud Storage and share the folder)