00. Syncing to the Cloud Portal

To sync you logs to the Dekunu Cloud, all you need to do is connect your device to WiFi

Logs will begin to upload automatically. At the moment each log can take up to 90 seconds to sync - this will be improved with future updates

After you have landed from a jump, your device will start to look for known WiFi networks. Once connected, your jump will be securely sent over an encrypted network to the Dekunu Cloud. 

Once synced your jump data is processed through a number of algorithms and statistical information will be displayed on your Cloud profile, where you can view, analyse, compare and learn from it

It's also a safe backup of your log book. Think of this as backing up your phone... You can get away with not doing it until one party night ends with you naked in a field, Dekunu-less and regretting your life choices. If it didn't sync, it didn’t happen!