Jump Log Syncing to Cloud

Your actions should automatically sync to your Cloud profile when your device is connected to Wifi. This can sometimes take a little time - if you find that you have been connected for a while and nothing appears to be syncing there are a few things you can try to 'force' the sync.

First, check that the actions are waiting to sync
  • Your device will have a small red icon at the top of the home screen indicating how many actions are waiting to sync, the image below shows that there are 4 actions currently uploading, the 45% indicates that one of the actions is almost halfway through syncing to the Cloud portal

  • If you do not have a red icon on your device like in the picture above, the actions have synced to the Cloud portal. If you do not see them when you log in, wait 20 minutes or so then refresh the page and check again. If you still do not see your recent actions, check on the last page of your actions, if logs are synced with no Dropzone assigned the server is unable to confirm the date/time which will result in your actions being saved at the beginning of your Cloud logbook. If you still do not see your recent actions, send an email to support@dekunu.tech
Log in to the Cloud to check if the logs have synced 
  • If you don't see the actions, try skipping to the last page - if there are some actions there with either no or missing data, try opening the action and adding the DZ (if that is not already set). 
  • If the actions have synced and you can see them when you log into the Cloud but they are showing as un-synced in your device logbook, leave your device powered on and connected to wifi (connected to a power source if necessary) for an hour or so. The logs should auto-update in your device logbook.
If there are no logs synced to your profile and you have the red icon showing they are waiting to upload
  • Connect the device to a power source and strong/stable Wifi
  • Log out and back into your device by switching user
If this does not prompt syncing, you can also try following these steps:
  • Power off the device
  • Log out of your Cloud profile
  • Switch on the device and connect to Wifi 
  • Log into your Cloud profile
If you are still experiencing an issue or if the logs are showing as synced on your device but not showing in the Cloud
  • Send an email to support@dekunu.tech. Please include as much relevant information as possible including details of error messages if you have received any