Where To Buy

Where can I buy a device from?

Currently the only way you can purchase a device is directly from Dekunu. You can place an order on the  Dekunu website.

How do I place an order?

Visit https://shop.dekunu.tech to place an order online

May I buy now and supply the delivery address later?

Yes just use an address for now to place the order and we can change it later, just notify us by email and include your order number.  The email address is orders@dekunu.tech.

Please note that extra shipping costs may apply.

Does my credit card get charged now or when my order ships?

We charge your credit card at the time of ordering.  

Is there a dealer or retailer near me?

Currently sales of the device are all going through Dekunu directly, we are currently developing a retailer and dealership scheme and are busy compiling a list of interested parties.  

Once dealers/retailers are in place, they will be listed on our website.

If you are a dealer and/or retailer and you want to be added to the list, please email some information on sales reach, other companies you deal for and all other relevant background information to sales@dekunu.tech.