Dekunu On Hold

Why is Dekunu going on hold?

The past couple of years have been a little hectic and we are now seeing the fallout from the COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine and extreme weather conditions in Australia. The result has meant a global shortage of electronic chips as well as other supply chain shortages and challenges affecting production of the One.

The Dekunu team has exhausted every avenue in an attempt to continue manufacturing but all efforts so far have been unsuccessful. The decision has been made to scale back on operations, cut costs and ride out the storm.

I have a Dekunu One, what does the hold mean for me?

You shouldn’t notice any changes.

The Dekunu Cloud Portal and Device API will remain fully functional - There should be no change to your device or cloud experience. 

For the next month limited accessories, wrist mounts and merch are available in the Dekunu online store and from dealers - after that, the online stores will be closed as another cost cutting measure.

Customer support will continue to be available with a reduced capacity. If you have any technical questions or encounter any issues we ask that you first check the Dekunu Knowledge Base for answers before emailing

Can I send in my device for a service or repair?

Please email with a detailed description of any issues you are experiencing as well as photos (if physical). The support team will then advise you the best course of action or if a repair is needed. 

What exactly will not be available during the hold?

The Dekunu event and ambassador sponsorship programs are on hold, any events that already have Dekunus commitment will still receive the agreed support. 

There will be no change to the current Dekunu Ambassador team but no new applications will be accepted.New event and athlete sponsorships

Sales of the Dekunu One will not be available until manufacturing begins again and stock is replenished (accessories and merch will still be available for a limited time)

Development of new firmware and software

What is the plan for the future?

The plan at the moment is to reduce costs, buy some time and stay aloft until the electronics manufacturing industry recovers and supply chain shortages are resolved. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. Any updates will be posted publicly on our social media channels.