Custom Landing Areas

Working on your accuracy, doing an inhopp or have a favourite spot to land that is not an official landing area of a Dropzone? You can save your very own personal landing areas in the Cloud and download them to your device, these landing areas are custom to you only and will not be shared with any other user of the Dropzone

Note: you can only create custom landing areas for DZs saved in your Regular DZ list

  • Go to Profile & Settings > Dropzones and add the Dropzone to your Regular Dropzone list if not already saved there
  • Scroll down to Custom Landing Areas

  • Click on the + button on the right hand side of the screen to add a new landing area

  • Enter your custom LA name (only you can see this so you can call it whatever you like) 
  • Select the dropzone from the list dropdown
  • Either drop a pin on the map or manually enter coordinates
  • Click Save Changes

  • Once you have saved your changes your custom landing area will be listed on the Dropzones page in Profile & Settings

This landing area is now set up and can be selected on your device