Canopy Mode Radar

Having trouble finding the DZ under canopy? Don't despair, we have you covered with the new Canopy Mode Radar feature...

The Canopy Mode Radar shows your altitude, heading, groundspeed and direction & distance to your designated landing area.

The radar is determined from GPS, it is essentially a compass with North at the top of your screen.

As you fly your canopy, your location and the area visible to you is indicated with a flying "V"

The blue arrow indicates where you have flown under canopy

Your selected Landing Area is indicated with "LZ" in the centre of the compass

The numbers in the image above indicate distance, they are dynamic and will change depending on how far out from the landing Area you are, here are some more examples:

These distances will be shown in your preferred unit of measurement and can be changed on your device or in the Profile & Settings > Units section of your Dekunu Cloud profile.

A few things you need to know:

  • The radar screen is only shown if you have the feature enabled in your Dekunu Cloud Settings*
  • If you have not selected a Landing Area on your device or you are more than 5 miles from the selected Landing Area then the normal Canopy Mode screen will be displayed (showing your altitude, groundspeed and heading)

This should not be used as a replacement for your eyes, does not override any operational or cloud manuals and it should not be relied on for navigation purposes, it is an indicator and a tool to help you make better, safer decisions.

*See how to enable the Canopy Mode Radar feature on your device here