Friends & The Loop

The Loop

This is Dekunu's social platform keeping you connected with your jump buddies away from the DZ

Once you have added friends, The Loop gives you the ability to view and comment on each others jumps and compare jump data with each other. If you jumped together, you can view this in the 3D viz for a more intuitive experience. There are heaps more features coming for this platform so stay tuned.

View Your Friends' Actions

Scroll down your action feed to view the map overview of both yours and your friends' recent jumps

In the picture below you can see all of the jumps that Shady did at Skydive Voss on this particular day

If you select "3D Viz" all of these actions will then open up in the 3D map 

Selecting "List Actions" will show the basic info in list view

"Compare Charts" will bring up comparison charts for all actions, you can also use the checkboxes to select two or more actions to compare

Comparing Actions with Friends'

Scroll down the loop feed to find the dropzone and day that you jumped together

Select "3D Viz" to open up ALL actions from this day on a 3D Map (see pic below) or select particular actions in the "List Actions" tab then select View 3D Viz

Select "List Actions" to show all jumps you both did that day, if you want to isolate and compare the data of certain jumps, check the boxes to the right, once you have checked 2 or more the Compare Charts and View 3D Viz options appear

Comparison Charts Example


In the "Friends" tab you will see a list of your current friends if you have a fight over the last slot on a sunset load, you can also remove them from here by hitting the "Remove" button to the right of their name.  

Find Friends

Select "Find Friends" 


An auto-generated suggested friends list will appear, this is based on the Dropzones you jump at. If you would like to add someone just click the Request button the right of their name.

Search by Name

Type in the person's name and hit search

Currently, you can search by first or last name, not nicknames.

Search by Dropzone

This must be the Dropzone name as listed in the Dekunu Cloud, keep in mind that some DZ's have 'nicknames'. Type in the first few letters or the whole name and hit search

Add Friends

Once you find who you are looking for, hit the Request button to the right of their name

The button will then change to Request Sent and your friend will get a notification

Sent & Received Requests

Your sent and received requests will be listed at the bottom of the Friends overview page, you can cancel any pending requests here

Cancel Request

Go to Sent & Received, locate the sent request and select Cancel Request - see above pic