Selecting an Equipment Group (pre-jump)

You can create equipment groups in the Cloud and select those groups on your device for each jump that you do, this can be super useful to figure out how many jumps you have on a line-set or when it's time to do some routine maintenance on your gear. Once you have created an equipment group in the Cloud portal, follow these instructions to select it on your device -

  • Go to Menu > Jump Config > Equipment

  • Scroll through your pre-saved equipment groups until you find the set you are using then back out of the Equipment screen

Your selection will now be displayed on the home screen of your device

If you have created an equipment group and it is not showing on your device, try re-logging into the device by going to Switch User, this will force the device to pull your profile information from the server

note: if you forget or change gear right before you jump, you can change your selection while in Plane Mode

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