04. Device Home Screen

Device Home Screen

Menu - will take you to the device menu and settings pages
  • WiFi - shows if the device is connected and how strong the WiFi signal is
  • Bluetooth - this feature is currently disabled... watch this space
  • GPS - shows if the device is currently fixed on any satellites
  • Log Upload Icon - This will appear if you have logs waiting to sync, the number represents how many un-synced logs there are
  • Battery - gauge shows how much battery life the device has
  • Time & Date - will show based on your last knows location when you had GPS signal
  • Temperature, Wind Speed & Sunset Time - this information is related to the current Dropzone set on your device
  • Jump Number - Total jump number (in device log book)
  • Device Mode - shows the current mode you are in, you can switch between Skydiving & Wingsuiting. More modes coming soon
  • Dropzone, Landing Area & Group - your current selected DZ and landing area 

Your device will enter sleep mode when not used for a few minutes and this screensaver will display - tap the screen to wake up