Home Screen

Please note that the One is constantly being updated with new features and functionality so some UIs and options may change slightly over time, we do our best to keep the knowledge base updated with new information but we are also mega busy developing exciting new features and products for you to enjoy - if you have any questions please send an email to support@dekunu.tech for a quick response :)

Device Home Screen

Menu - will take you to the device menu and settings pages
  • WiFi - shows if the device is connected and how strong the WiFi signal is
  • Bluetooth - this feature is currently disabled... watch this space
  • GPS - shows if the device is currently fixed on any satellites
  • Log Upload Icon - This will appear if you have jump logs or system logs waiting to sync, the number represents how many un-synced logs there are
  • Battery - gauge shows how much battery life the device has, you can also toggle on % view in Diagnostics > Battery to see the exact percentage
  • Time & Date - will show based on your selected DZ and last known location when you had GPS signal
  • Temperature, Wind Speed & Sunset Time - this information is related to the current Dropzone set on your device
  • Jump Number - counter displaying your actual number of jumps (in device log book)
  • Device Mode - shows the current mode you are in, you can switch between Skydiving & Wingsuiting. More modes coming soon
  • Dropzone & Landing Area - your current selected DZ and landing area 

Your device will enter sleep mode when not used for a few minutes and this screensaver will display - tap the screen to wake up