Working with Playlists

The beginning stages of action playlists is currently available for you to use - eventually, you’ll be able to share lists with other users and import your jump to shared lists to compare visualisations and overlay your jumps with your friends.

Right now you can organise your jumps into lists by viewing the action then:

  • Click “Add to Playlist” just under the Overhead map 

  • Either enter a new name in 'Create new list' or if you have previously created a list, select an existing Playlist from the dropdown menu and click 'Save'

Then all these jumps will be viewable under that named list 

You can add a jump to a playlist in order to:

  • File training jumps to keep them easily accessible 
  • Group landing patterns or swoops to compare on The 3D Viz
  • Save a collection of jumps to view and compare things later on