04. Add a Regular Dropzone

You can save a list of Dropzones that you regularly frequent to your Cloud profile - these Dropzones will show up along with the closest based on your GPS location at the top of the list when changing Dropzones on your device with no WiFi connectivity.

Go to Profile & Settings and select 'Regular Dropzones' from the tabs on the left hand side of the screen 

To add a Regular Dropzone 

Click the + button on the right hand side of the screen 

Select a Dropzone from the dropdown list*

Click 'Add' 

Your selection will now be saved as one of your Regular Dropzones, you can add as many as you like by repeating this step

To Remove a Regular Dropzone

Under 'Actions' click the X to the right of the Dropzone that you would like to remove 

You can also prioritise the order in which your Regular Dropzones appear on your device by clicking the edit button under 'Actions' 

then number each Dropzone accordingly and click 'Save Changes' 

*If your Dropzone is not listed follow the instructions here to Recommend a Dropzone