Cannot connect to wifi

Please follow these instructions to connect your device to Wifi

  • If you have just turned on your device, please wait a few minutes before attempting to connect to Wifi
  • If, when you try to connect, a message is displayed stating that the device cannot connect to Wifi right now, it simply needs more time - please wait 10-15 minutes and try again

If you are able to scan for networks and make a selection -

  • Check which network the device is attempting to connect to and make sure it is correct (for Australia make sure that you are not connected to a Wifi enabled hotspot instead of your regular network e.g Telstra Air)
  • Check that the password entered is correct
  • Tap 'Forget Wifi' and then scan again and enter the details

If you have two networks with the same name

  • Change the password of one of the networks and retry

If you are still having issues, contact our tech team by emailing